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Europe: Zaragoza and Madrid

This is the last of the posts about Ben and me traveling around Europe. I am enjoying the end of day 5 here at my residency. I am so in love with this place. Finally settled in. Really enjoying the atmosphere and finally got the materials I need to start painting. I did my first Spain painting today. Still no suitcase. We think it is in customs somewhere. But I have the basics and can start.


the view from our balcony in Zaragoza

Due to the schedule of busses we had to spend a night in Zaragoza on our way to Madrid from the Pyrenees. We spent a couple hours enjoying the architecture and found a tapas bar that was serving at the early hour of 8pm. Most places didn't open until 9pm. 

street art, a sculptural fountain, and very old architecture...i just love Spain!Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar (they were setting up for the big festival there) and TAPAS! I am just loving tapas. On the left is my favorite so far: bread with carmelized onions and a round slice of grilled goat cheese! Delish!Zaragoza at night. (upper right is the old roman theatre ruins)

The next day we got into Madrid. It was our last day together before Ben went home, so we didn't pack too much in. Walked about the famous plazas and enjoyed the vibe. We tried to solve the problem of my cell phone and get art supplies but mostly failed at both (all good now tho!). It was a good day, but kind of sad too.

Despite hard times and being sick, we were really reminded on this trip of how good we are for each other – despite our many differences. We relied on each other more, even when we might have been blaming the other for something. We had to. So we learned, or remembered, a lot about how good life is together and how to "pick your battles" better and let the other be themselves. We seem to have been reminded to support each other in the last few weeks. It feels good. 

We've been together for over 10 years now. Almost 11. I can't imagine life without him. He is enough. Enough to complete my life. I miss him. I wish he could have stayed, although I know he is happy snuggling with our dogs back in the States now. Life in Spain is just incredibly beautiful. Perfect, except for lacking him.

left photos: our boutique hotel we loved; right: various MadridMadrid (holy pig!)the view from the hotel's rooftop bar (which was empty because it was chilly out)I am looking forward to writing all about my residency. Hopefully I will start tomorrow. So much to write about and so many photos/videos. I spent yesterday in Córdoba too, and that deserves its own post!

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