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Europe: Barcelona

I have arrived at my residency in Spain. It is incredibly beautiful here and I feel so blessed. My supplies have not arrived even though I sent them from London three weeks ago. I am trying not to be frustrated and trusting they will arrive. I need time to blog, reflect and rest anyway. Life is slow here and I like it. There are no pressures. Makes me think about how I structure my life back in the States and wonder why I put so much stress on myself. Will have to think more about that later.


the ceiling in La Sagrada Família

We spent one day in Barcelona and my main objective was to see architecture. Ben was not feeling well and I wasn't feeling great either, but we got ourselves out of the hostel and our first stop was La Sagrada Família. La Sagrada Família was designed by Antoni Gaudí in the last years of his life and is still not complete. Cranes hover around building higher and higher. But even in its undone state it is incredible and breathtaking. I am definitely going back when it is done and I would love to go to a service there when the choir seats are full...it holds over 1,000 voices! Yeah, this. I want to see this.


I was really inspired by the doors and this metal wall. They were sculpted by Josep Maria Subirachs. I love it when words are used as pattern and texture. 

A close up of the bronze doors.


Up in one of the towers.

We took a tiny elevator up one the towers where we could walk between two of the towers behind the cypress tree above the nativity facade and into another tower where we wound our way down, down, down.

Of course I made a film to give you a better sense of the place, including the towers. 


This really amazed me. Gaudí used tiny hanging bags of sand to create the shape of the basilica!After thouroughly soaking in the basilica we walked around more of Barcelona, particularly visiting the roman ruins and finding some great tapas. We finished our lovely day with a walk along the waterfront as the sun set. 

Roman walls and sangria!

A very old church we sat in. There were holes in the ceiling!

Clockwise from top-left: Not sure what the story is with the horse. Tapas outside. Graffiti I loved. Balconies galore. Olives. Chopping the salted fish.

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