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All Thing New

Two beautiful pieces of art are twisting together in my mind to form stunning pictures of the very things I need to keep in my mind to survive.

One, is this song by Brooke Fraser, titled Shadowfeet. It is simply beautiful and totally stuck in my head. I forgot how much hope-filled music can make a difference in my survival and outlook on life.



Second, is the incredible performance by Hubbard Street Dance Chicago that I went to with K and L tonight. Words cannot describe the incredible combination of fluid motions and perfect musical synchronicity. It was stunning to watch and a pleasure to remember.I was particularly captivated by one of their dancers, Penny Saunders, for her obvious love of dancing and enjoyable style. I'm not a dance critic nor do I know much about it, but she was perfect.  This clip features my favorite of the three dances that they performed, Strokes Through the Tail. Penny is the one girl in the beginning.



Todays thoughts:
Banish blame, dance like no one's watching, and live without burden...for the burden has been taken from you.

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