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Presenting! Birds Will Sing Again

Right now I am all about finishing projects because I have started so many I am beginning to feel a little unwound.

SO...(drumroll please!) I present to you the film I started this fall and just finished:
Birds Will Sing Again


I started this film this fall when one day after school I was struck by the beauty of the leaves outside and in my haste grabbed the camcorder instead of the camera (it was closer) and began filming. First I filmed the trees with the light on them. Then birds appeared and I filmed them. Then the farmer was haying, a man was sitting on a hay bale, the horses were out, bugs were buzzing, the sun set, and a few days later the sky was filled with hot air balloons. The film filmed itself as it all magically fell into place before me.

All I had to do was pick the song, a song I have loved since I was small. The song is called Inland Sailor and was written and performed by Brooks Williams. Brooks is a friend of my family and lives here in the same valley. In fact, as part of our view I can point out the neighborhood he and his family used to live in. I will never grow sick of hearing his music. It always makes me happy and I have so many fond memories and feelings of security attached to his music. There is a picture of me asleep in my car seat in front of a speaker when he was recording one of his first albums. I used to fall asleep at his concerts at the Iron Horse when I lived around the corner and was small enough for it to be acceptable to drift off in public. Years later he played in our wedding ceremony and the lyrics to All That is Gold were on the wedding invitations I designed. And some day my future children will fall asleep to his music too.

The entire film was shot from our backyard. That is our view. That is our stream. Those are our bird friends. That is the hayfield next door. Those are the hot air balloons that glide across the valley. I love where we live (with the exception of the frigid air out there right now). It was actually nice to come back to this film when there is no color at all outside (except the blue sky). It reminded me that the leaves will be back and so will the annoying bugs. And the birds will sing once again.

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