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Calanada: Backpacking in the Skoki Valley

Well, this post has been a long time coming. I got it stuck in my head that I couldn't post any recent stuff until I finished blogging about our trip this summer. Trouble is, I still can't find my trail journal from this amazing backpacking trip. It is driving me crazy.

So rather than leave these photos out or stupidly let my blog slip into a cryonic state, I am posting the photos without the beautiful story. I am heartbroken about it, but when I find the trail journal I will add it and update this. Enjoy the magic!

backpacking composites

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 16
Calanada Blog (Canada) - 18

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 19


backpacking composites2

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 24

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 25

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 26

backpacking composites3

Calanada Blog - 29text

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 31

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 32

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 34

backpacking composites4

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 46

Calanada Blog (Canada) - 47

backpacking composites5

Silence Unexplained

Calanada: Canada