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Misty's Week of Colors: Green(e)

Every time I have a thought like, "I should incorporate tree roots into this," my mind rejects the idea with a firm, "I can't draw that!" It's a constant battle. I've never liked my doodling and drawing, but I am learning that if I go slowly and thoughtfully (with some visual aid) I can get at least some semblance of what I was going for. Slow, but progress. I like progress. Anyone noticed that yet?

So this is what I worked on tonight. 


my toes long for moss my toes long for moss

I love the way this one came out. Mostly because it was something I saw in my mind and I actually was able to put it on paper. Things discovered: cheap paint is great, fluid paint is much easier to use, and I need to use my imagination in painting and get out of my literal translation of all the shapes and scenes around me. 

So, I feel I need to mention the connection of this color to my last name. I like my married name, Greene. But my students think it is so funny that I have a green car. My brother gave me a book on Green Building a few years ago and put an "E" after Green on the cover of it. It made me laugh. I don't think about the connection much, but as far as the last names my students could be yelling out time after time, a color is rather nice. Honestly, it is the word I hear most all day. "Mrs. Greeeeeeeeeeeene!!!!!"


This is not what I call art, but this was too funny. This picture is such a great depiction of my husband and myself. His baked potato is on the left (cheese dripping out, pepper, with most of its toppings eaten right away) and mine is on the right (neatly contained with all the toppings evenly mixed in and a good dose of green on top). Ha! Potatoes can be so revealing. Good thing he didn't put ketchup on it too. (gross!)


Mr. (left) and Mrs. (right) Potato Mr. (left) and Mrs. (right) Potato

All this time devoted to painting is pushing me forward, that's for sure, but I yawned through a parent meeting and a faculty meeting today. Tomorrow I need to go to bed earlier.

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