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Life After SAW

As I look back I am reflecting on how great the last few months have been. I feel like I have grown in self-confidence and self-reflection. I started with 4 backpacking trips (the first Ramah trip being the best: 4 days on the Appalachian Trail), then went to Costa Rica, and now Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. The low point was definitely returning from Costa Rica. I had migraines and vertigo for a week for various reasons and was feeling very resentful about returning to teaching. But the year is off to a decent start with some delightful moments already and the momentum of the classroom keeps my energy up and my brain firing. ...and then there was SAW.

SAW was oxygen in my lungs, energy in my soul. I learned so much and just felt renewed in so many ways. I learned that creating art is actually processing and letting go of things in my head. I learned that there can be no judgments and no mistakes in art - just keep moving forward. I learned that I can make friends and hold a conversation, even when that seems like the scariest thing. I learned that it is possible to build a creative career of my own. I learned that my shirts are good. I learned that all I did during the retreat, all the time spent creating is IMPORTANT! Good lessons. The theme for my life this fall is REMEMBER. So I will do my best to remember these important things that I was taught.

I met so many wonderful people...Michelle, Tracy, Kelly B, Jamie, Susan, Barb, Stef, Beth, Anne, Kelly L, Heather, Elizabeth B, Kathleen, Kelly Rae, Mati Rose, and Eileen. And of course the amazing instructors Misty, Judy, and Nina. And of course the organizer of SAW herself, Elizabeth MacCrellish. Check out their blogs to see how precious they all are.

Now for some photos.


Misty at work Misty at work

Judy Wise and I Judy Wise and me


Elizabeth MacCrellish The Queen of SAW: Elizabeth MacCrellish


My lovely roommate Stef My lovely roommate Stef


Me and my FIRST Art Fair Table! Me and my FIRST Art Fair Table!


Elizabeth in the shirt she had just bought from me Elizabeth in the shirt she had just bought from me


some of the friends I made Fuzzy, but Special: some of the friends I made

5 day week and NO patience left

The New Living Room