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3+ Months Later

These past months have been SO FULL! But with super enjoyable things so no real complaining. April vacation I was going to catch up on Dec-April posts but that never happened. And now another 3 months...here is the verbal short of my 3 months.

NEERO presentation, retreat, 2 field trips in 1 week, MCAS, movie-making, baby nor-nor, k&n wedding, 3 days backpacking, dog eats fish hook but survives, movie production, bye kids, lake champlain 3 days kayaking, mom's garden on tour, outdoor adventure begins, 4 days backpacking, 2 days backpacking, h&e wedding, c&j from ca, 3 days backpacking/rock climbing/caving, cape cod, ikea, working on house, and my refrigerator is coming today!

Good grief! I'm tired just thinking about it. Now I have 1 1/2 weeks until I go t Costa Rica for 2 weeks! Such a fun summer...but the house it still not done and I need to make shirts for Squam Art Workshops in Sept! Yikes! But before I go back to work (and wait excitedly for my fridge), here is the last few months in pictures (click on one to go into Wordpress' new gallery mode and scroll through them all):


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