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Finally in the middle of the moving, renovation, and starting school year I got the b+j greene Etsy store up and running. I will be adding new things soon...including some furniture! Thank you to my models for helping me get the photos to show everyone how wonderful the shirts are!

Brief note about school...took the kids outside for the first time today. So much smoother than last year, of course. It is so nice to see the kids who hate school loving being outside and actually participating. We found Black Birch...best moment of the day was seeing kids in the hall chewing on branches and showing their friends that is smells and tastes like root beer. I hold those memories close to my heart. There have been many moments to keep me going this week...which has been very needed. I am already over tired. But tons of interest in Outdoor Club...Monday should be a crazy day at our first meeting. Goal: weed out the girls who wear mini skirts to school; either they will love it or run away screaming from bugs.

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