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When do I get the house?

This is what I just asked Ben in my half asleep state...long weekends are great, but they make going back harder.

But we did go see a wonderful house last week. It floats in my dreams as I pray it doesn't disappear like one. It is a small cape, last house on a dead end street where you can park and hike the mountain that it is on the side of, views across the valley, 1/2 acre of sunny undeveloped land abutting a farm, room to expand, character and uniqueness, and in our theoretical price range. All that stands between us and the house is 6 months of reserve funds (about $9,000) that we only have to keep until the closing. Interesting system. Easier than a 20% down payment, but still not just sitting around. So we are brainstorming and hoping and praying.

After seeing the house we went camping for 4 days. Very nice and much needed break. Only 2.5 more weeks of school! YES!!!

To Do List…through the end of the week

So much to post…SHIRTS