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Lost in Monday

I had to go back today. I had to sit at my desk working and wondering why on earth the students were coming down the hallway 2 minutes and 30 seconds before they were supposed to. But I did leave at 4:15 and sit in the sun for 1 1/2 hours reading and working on a project for a class I am taking...while drinking esselon herbal ice tea. Now I really need to sleep...it was painful to wake up this morning. I guess I only got 5 1/2 hours last night.

Anyway, while I like pondering my sleep patterns it is not that interesting. I had a fabulous vacation and I can't believe I didn't post more...but I actually got sucked into posting on everyone else's blogs. I found many more this week that I added to my feeds...so that now after 2 days of not checking I had 20 posts to read and distract me from my work. hehe

My mom came over tonight and we cellophane wrapped our May Baskets for Kari's swap. My first swap and it was so much fun. I got that done but didn't actually complete any of my other goals...besides a good martini. But I made headway and that was important and mostly fulfilling. I am trying to feel fulfilled even without perfecting every last detail and finishing everything. But I still have the scary last step of bring work to a gallery and seeing whether they actually want it. Well, I have other things to worry about first. Like this whole personalized education project I am working on. I post on a private blog with others involved but I think I will copy some of those posts over here soon because they are becoming more reflective of my work in the classroom. Which of course is something I have blocked out of my mind for the last week. Oh, but it will be over before I can fully process it!

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