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I was very, very sleepy…AND NOW I’M ON SPEED!

Monday and Tuesday morning I almost feel asleep driving to school. And not just nodding off one time, I mean the entire 30 minute commute struggling to keep my eyes open. It was ridiculous, flying down the highway and falling asleep at 7:00 am. I tried cold, loud music, and my Spanish CD. Nothing helped. I dragged myself into school and started my long day of five classes of students who don't like to read directions.

Today, to remedy this frighteningly dangerous problem, I got 9 hours of sleep last night and my husband convinced me to have a cup of chai to help myself wake up and, MAN, did I not have to worry about falling asleep! I felt like the world was moving at slow motion all around me, like the squirrel in Over the Hedge or Hoodwinked. My mind was going faster than my car should go. My hands were tapping the steering wheel incessantly. My eyes were darting back and forth at the object flying past my window. I was running around my classroom getting ready, then down to 6th grade and back with materials. I was Superwoman! Except I don't think Superwoman laughs at how ridiculous this all is, she just is Speed.

And to make matters even better I had gummy worms in class so all the students were happy and I did not feel completely depleted by the end of the day and got a ton accomplished! It's not like I don't drink caffeine. I just don't drink it so early to kick start my day and I probably would have been fine with just one remedy, not both. But hey, being Superwoman is fun and everyone knows I take on Superwoman quantities of projects and tasks, so why not?

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