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You know you’ve been at school too much when…

You know you've been at school too much when...
...you walk into rooms expecting a sensor to turn on the lights for you.
...the only contents of the freezer in the science closet at school is your 2 days worth of frozen meals.
...you see stars in the sky on your way to school and on your way home.
...your ipod shuffle needs to be recharged every night (and you can only play it after school).
...you talk to the night custodians more than your friends.
...cleaning out the rabbit's litter box is more appealing than doing more school work once you get home.
...parents of students comment on how fast and late into the evening they are getting email replys from you.
...suddenly you realize time has past because when the sensor doesn't see you and turns the lights off, the room becomes pitch black in the absence of natural light.
...you see your students as you leave because they have come back to school to play sports in the evening.
...the custodians comment on you "leaving early" when you leave an hour after the students do and you are still one of the last to leave in the pod.
...soap operas have ended for the day in the teacher's room.
...you fill your electric tea pot twice in one day.
...students ask you how long you will be after school and your response is "you can stay until 3:30 and I'll be here forever."
...you spin around in your chair at home expecting snacks to be behind you.
...you find notes confiscated from students in your pocket on the weekends.
...you don't notice that your school keys are still around you neck when you go out for dinner.
...you call your students by your little brother's name when agitated with them.

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