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Parents Meeting

I sat in on a meeting of the 8th grade teachers, 2 interventionists, adjustment councelor, principle, and the parents of a 8th grade boy today. Teachers had been observing disruptive bahavior in the classroom even though the boy can do all he work and is mainly successful. Everyone expressed how bright he is and how much excess energy he has. The teachers also said that the football coaches couldn't believe that teachers are having problems with him because he is such a focused leader on the field. It was wonderful to see concerned parents and teachers and I liked the emphasis on helping him succeed. But I couldn't help but wonder if we in society are trying to fit students like him into a box that is not right for them.

Being in public school this week has made me more jittery and bouncy than I have ever felt before. So I wonder, could public schools be the cause of the overdiagnosis of ADD and ADHD? I say that with a smile because I know there is more to it than that. I know medications can help people function normally and I do believe they have a place. But containing young people in one building for all but maybe an hour of the day is torture for some. I guess I just feel for this kid partly because I am trying to work through my own feelings of being trapped in a school all day. I have never had this experience before and I am going stir crazy. I am determined to take kids outside the first chance I have. I have to make it work because this is so unnatural and unhealthy!!! There is still a part of me that cries out "don't let them drug you to make you fit into their box for you in this society...run away!!!!" I cannot completely rid myself of the conspiracy theory of drugs like that, even though I take medications myself.

Kids just need to run around and explore! Why must they be kept under lock and key and hall pass?!? I know now that I would have never survived public schools. NEVER. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!! xo

Halloween Dance

Self Esteem…gosh am I tired!