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Great Falls

Wow, so much has happened that I still feel like a whirlwind is near. I am now at Great Falls Middle School (Turners, Millers, Gill, etc) and I love it. There are so many reasons to like it...teachers, principal, kids, environment, renovations, setting. Entering the classroom has brought so many thoughts to my mind that I should have lots to write about but I can't think of what to write because it is all slightly overwhelming. Tomorrow I am going to start bringing writing material with me to jot down thoughts and musing (in addition to my observations for class) to hopefully post here if I am disciplined enough. Being in an intensive masters program should give me plenty to think about and write.Off to bed for an early morning tomorrow...grad class at 7:45 (hey, it's later than my other mornings!).

Self Esteem…gosh am I tired!

Who I Have Been Made To Be And Who I Have Been Told I Am