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So before today I had never thrown students out of my classes before. But today I kicked 5 people out of classes. Three from skills, one from science (actually one of the ones from skills), and one from a math class I subbed. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think I went on a power trip...but maybe it was more like a collision of odds. In Skills they were taking a test and these kids finished early and won't stop fooling around. In science the kid woouldn't stop talking and fooling around. In Math the kid was playing with a girl's crutches while my back was turned. Craziness.

But I will have to figure out where my lines are and give warnings to kids. I don't believe in no chances, except when its something like the crutches. That's ust ridiculous. They know better. Oh, they are so much worse when I'm subbing. It's crazy. Probably because some of the work is silly...busy work to make it easy on the sub. And because they do not deal well with change. Transitions are really hard for most kids and for the group as a whole. I'd like to ruminate on that subject some more, but I need to make sure I am set for another day tomorrow.

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