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The name jetfuel just came to me like a flash of light. I am jet and this blog is a place for me to put writing and thoughts. It fits and it says what I want it to.

I think mainly acedemically now. My thesis is my brain right now. My defense is on Thursday so I'm a little stressed. Setting this up is part distraction from the stress, part wake-me-up tool, and part procrastination. Anyway, in the process of writing this thesis my mind has been transformed into an acedemic writing machine. I think in terms of research and writing. When I think of writing I now think of how exciting it would be to do a PhD and then write articles as an expert in the field of education. Then I will write a book, like I've always wanted. In my spare time I will design curricula for youth ministry, thus changing the face of education in mutiple areas at once.

So my mind has left creative writing. We will see if it pops up in the future, but jetfuel is for acedemic-type writing. Here I will begin ideas for my future books, research projects, curricula, and articles. That is, after my defense on Thursday...yeah, I better get back to work. At least I feel more awake now.